« The 2015 Château de Bachelards Comtesse de Vazeilles Le Grand Vin and 2014 Château de Bachelards Comtesse de Vazeilles Fleurie Le Clos are refined, juicy and vibrant reds from Alexandra de Vazeilles, a relative newcomer to the Beaujolais region. Made from organic grapes (Ecocert certified 2009) and biodynamic farming practices (Demeter certified 2015), with the consulting help of French mega-star consultant winemaker Stéphane Derenoncourt since 2014, both reds prove to be outstanding in their own way. Le Grand Vin, a Gamay-Syrah blend is the deeper and richer of the two, with a captivatingly pure and intense violet aroma, while the Fleurie Le Clos, from 80-100 year old Gamay vines planted in a 1.84 hectare large walled vineyard characterized by mainly pink granite soil, is softer and readier to drink. It showcases just how truly exciting and memorable great Beaujolais cru wines can be, but seldom are. »

Vinous Au Carré des Feuillants